FIATMISSION is a Missionary movement spread all over India and parts of Africa, supporting the Catholic Church for evangelization. Most Rev. Bishop Bosco Puthur (Curia Bishop) and Most Rev. Bishop Chacko Thottumarickal SVD, Indore Diocese, are our Patrons.

Heeding the ‘Go’ command of Jesus Christ, FIATMISSION works for the evangelization of India and Africa. FIATMISSION traces its beginning to a cell (group) of four Jesus Youth one of the best fruits of the charismatic tidal wave that swept and continues to sweep India since the 1980’s. Since its humble inception in 2007 the ministry is actively involved in the mission of evangelization – reaching out to the remotest villages of India with the message of salvation proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

“Global evangelization through Christ – catholic centered hi-technology interventions.”
As it is written in Luke 10:2, ‘the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few’. Church statistics says only 2% of the Indian population is evangelized. There is a major part yet to be evangelized. We have set our focus on this remaining 98%. FIATMISSION equips laborers for the church. By our trainings they become more committed to the Lord – share the good news to others and thereby spread Christianity.

Our Mission

“FIATMISSION exists to act as a Holy Spirit anointed facilitator to realize Jesus, striving continuously to be rooted and connected with the Holy Trinity, for self and others, using ‘Jesus evangelizing methods’. FIATMISSION follows traditional as well as techno-oriented, innovative emerging methods of evangelization to establish faith communities across the globe beyond time and space.”


Christ centered
Holy Spirit filled
Catholic Church perspective
Striving continuously
Beyond time and space
Rooted in universal values – faith, love, compassion, service
Technology orientation
Innovative methodology
Prayer and intercession
Recruitment of laity to be ministers
Training of laity to be ministers
Building of structures
Finding Patrons, Benefactors, Sponsors
Formation of lay ministers
Building up of structures of formation for FIATMISSION community
Formation and Training for the members of the FIATMISSION community
Increasing the followers of Christ within the Catholic Church
Bible for all –Project
Publication of Magazines, Periodicals, Leaflets
Production of Audios, Videos and other multi-media, TV channel
Effectively and positively Influencing and evangelizing the world by all means of social networking and mass communication
Involvement in village ministry (interior most and unreached areas of India and the world)
Ave Maria Tower, New Church Road,
Thrissur-680 001, Kerala, South India.,
+91 9847373788, +91 996155000