Parenting Retreat With Children (മാതാപിതാക്കളുടെ ധ്യാനം – മക്കളൊരുമിച്ച്)

February 14, 2020
Retreat Center Jeevalaya Family Park Kalady
Start Date February 14, 2020
End Date February 16, 2020
Telephone +91 484 2462607 +91 9387074649 For Babyshine Retreat +91 9446944111 For Couples Retreat +91 9446335441 For Parenting +91 9495950055 For widow Retreat +91 9400929111
Country India
Region Kerala
District/Locality Eranakulam

Integral growth of children, which combines the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health, depends upon the constant responses of the parents from the moment of conception. Every parent has been given opportunities to mould their child integrally. Parenting retreat renders training in parenting and family skills for the whole family. The programme includes classes and discussions on the practical aspects of parent- child relationship, developmental psychology, the physical, mental, spiritual and social growth and progress of children, etc. It is conducted in two groups: one for children (5-12 years) and another for teenagers (13-19). Admissions are restricted to those parents who come with their children.

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