Baby Shine Retreat (ബേബി ഷൈന്‍ ധ്യാനം)

July 3, 2020
Retreat Center Jeevalaya Family Park Kalady
Start Date July 3, 2020
End Date July 5, 2020
Telephone +91 484 2462607 +91 9387074649 For Babyshine Retreat +91 9446944111 For Couples Retreat +91 9446335441 For Parenting +91 9495950055 For widow Retreat +91 9400929111
Country India
Region Kerala
District/Locality Eranakulam

Let the baby in your womb shine. Pregnancy is a crucial stage of the development of a human person. The mother and the father together with their environment influence the baby in the womb dramatically. Spiritual and mental, as well as the bodily, development of the baby depends on them. Regulation of the attitudes, emotions, thoughts, words, sights, listening, food habits, etc. of the parents has the potentiality to bring forth a child who will shine like a star. Babyshine retreat will help you to lay strong foundation for the positive character of your child. It will help you to bond with your partner and with your child in the womb effectively. Those couples who prepare for pregnancy and those who are already pregnant are welcome to this programme. The programme is conducted on first Friday 6.00pm to to Sunday 5.00pm of every month at Jeevalaya Family Park Kalady.

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